The Work of Jacob Lawrence, the Artist

In 1940, after having applied for and won a fellowship for $1500 from the Rosenwald Foundation, Jacob Lawrence begun what was to be a series of "forty to fifty" panels on the "Great Negro Migration."  He researched his subject at the Schomburg Collection and completed it with 60 panels in 1941.  Two museums jointly purchased the works in the winter of 1941-1942 with the even numbered panels going to the Museum of Modern Art and the odd numbers to the the Phillips. Jacob Lawrence was then 24 years old.  My captions are taken from Peter T. Nesbit and Michelle DuBois' Jacob Lawrence: Paintings, Drawings, and Murals (1935-1999) A Catalogue Raisonne, University of Washington Press, Seattle and London in association with the Jacob Lawrence Catalogue Raisonne Project, Seattle 2000. http://www.jacoblawrence.org.
There isn't much on this website at this time.  but they promise more in the near future.  I am assuming its current state may be due to changes in the Lawrence and Knight estate and their foundation. 

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