Clayborne Carson, Stanford University Historian

This link leads to my comments on Clayborne Carson's lecture series on itunes and youtube on the Black Freedom Struggle. I have gathered all the lectures together on my YouTube Channel under the name of Olympia2X.com, Blues People.

I will be excerpting for my hybrid class (African American Literature: 1930s thru 1960s) the first two lectures on WEB DuBois, the third lecture on DuBois's second (or was it third?) wife, Shirley Graham, who apparently wrote and produced one of the first African American operas written and composed by an African American (something I am just finding out. Sadly it looks like copies of this opera exist only perhaps among her personal papers at Radcliffe). Also, I will refer to Lecture 12 in which Carson deals with Malcolm X, and brings to it the insights he must have gained in part from editing Malcolm X: The FBI Files (1991). 


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